The blue application number is a large amount of payment, the green one is small.
Full payout cycle: 5 green, then 1 blue.
Next payout - green (only paid 0 out of 5)
If a blue application comes first before the green application is completed, the green will be moved to the first position automatically by the beginning of the formula.
New applications and applications that started participation with the amount of savings % less than 0.01 BTC become green.
Green applications, the amount of savings % in which in the process of waiting for payments exceeded 0.025 BTC turn blue
App codeActivation Accumulation Accumulation+%Status
1 1CA41319BEX5 0.00010.00390.004302
2 19782EC6676B 0.00010.01660.017928
3 12FC4BC58C93 0.00010.00990.0116415
4 1E2441F17762 0.00010.01541920.018015
5 1CCD2DDXXF5B 0.00010.003420.0037818
6 18E66E5F2B7F 0.00010.00090.000945
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